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EcoPoxy GlowPoxy Vs Liquid Plastic

Sep 28

If you've been wondering about the difference is between EcoPoxyand Liquid Plastic, look at the following article. EcoPoxy GlowPoxy is a special epoxy that contains photo-luminescent components that extend the duration of the glow and brightness. The glow can be generated by any light source , and can be applied to virtually any surface. Its unique formula is free of impurities or fillers and can be utilized in any type of project.


ECOPOXY is a world market leader in high-bio-content epoxy resins. Its products comprise the full range of epoxy finishing, laminating as well as other options. Its resins are formulated to provide high performance and value for a broad variety of surfacing applications.

GlowPoxy is an epoxy two-part resin which glows in darkness. The two components absorb sunlight during daylight , and then release it at night. The final product will shine in darkness due to this. The product is applied with a brush, roller or spray. To avoid contact with skin, wear gloves and masks when applying the product.

Ecopoxy GlowPoxy is available in a variety of colors. It is used for coating or casting. It is an odorless, non-conductive resin derived from plants. It is able to join many different materials and is highly flexible. It is a solid that can be formed at any thickness without bubbles or air gaps.

In contrast to other kinds of epoxy resins, Art resin is non-toxic and less harsh. It is simple to work with and is available in two pieces - one part Ecopoxy and one part Art. Mix both parts in the ratio 1:1. Both Ecopoxy and Art resin are environmentally friendly and are derived from plants, which is an enormous plus in our environmentally conscious world.

Art resin

EcoPoxy GlowPoxy is an environmentally sustainable, high-quality art resin that can be used in various applications. It is water-resistant, has UV stabilizers, and has an HALS additive to prevent yellowing. It's also constructed from top-quality materials, which means it will last longer and maintain your project's clarity. It is available in the form of a starter kit as well as a studio kit. The starter kit is sufficient for one project, while the studio kit is suitable for multiple projects. The art resin seals the project and prevents the water from damaging. It is also able to keep the project clean for longer time periods.

Ecopoxy GlowPoxy is a non-toxic, synthetic resin that is easier to use. It is an 1:1 ratio of resin and water, making it a great choice for artists. Ecopoxy GlowPoxy is non-toxic and biodegradable unlike other epoxy resins. You can tint it using various pigments to create various effects.

Liquid Plastic

Liquid Plastic is a non-toxic epoxy that is able to glow in the dark. It has a unique formulation that features photo luminescent ingredients to maximize the duration of its glow and the brightness. This epoxy is able to absorb light energy from any source and release it in the dark when applied to surfaces. As opposed to other forms of epoxy, this one contains none of the fillers or impurities. It can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Liquid Plastic EcoPoxy Glowpoxy is a solvent-free epoxy with an almost unending shelf-life. The main ingredient is bio-based so it's an excellent choice for those concerned with the environment. It can be used on surfaces that are food-contact, but it is not recommended to expose directly to heat or sunlight.


EcoPoxy GloPoxy is a high-grade, photo luminescent epoxy that glows even in dark conditions. To enhance the brightness of the glow and length, it utilizes advanced chemical that emits photo luminescence. It absorbs light and releases it when the area gets dark. It can be charged by any light source, however it works best with the UV and visible spectrum of light as well as LED lights and high-watt bulbs. The high-performance formulation is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied to virtually any surface.

EcoPoxy GloPoxy comes in two versions: UVPoxy or Flowcast. Both are suitable for casting or coating. The latter looks similar to liquid glass, and offers a clean, durable finish. UVPoxy is the ideal choice for coating needs. GloPoxy, on the other hand, is composed of high-quality photoluminescent components. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

EcoPoxy GelCoat is an extremely durable epoxy filler with superior thermal, abrasion, and chemical resistance. EcoPoxy GelCoat is easy to apply using a brush or spray, and leaves a high-gloss, smooth surface. It's easy to use and dries quickly. It's also compatible with laminate systems.

EcoPoxy GloPoxy is an environmentally friendly product. Its unique ingredients, that are bio-based and not toxic, make it an environmentally safe product. The UV-curable UV feature of the product ensures that it does not fade, color, fade or crack. These unique properties make it a great choice for any application that requires clear, transparent surfaces. The high-performance epoxy can be used for a variety of purposes and can be used to cast, coat or even to encase memorabilia. EcoPoxy GloPoxy offers a wide selection of colors that will meet any need.

Shelf life

EcoPoxy GlowPoxy epoxies are non-toxic, VOC and BPA-free. It is sold at a cost that is competitive with other products. EcoPoxy is able to withstand extreme temperatures and it is FDA-compliant.

The EcoPoxy GlowPoxy's shelf life is 2 years. To maximize shelf life, keep EcoPoxy GlowPoxy within an airtight container. This epoxy product can be purchased online or in retail shops around the globe. For more information on its shelf-life and availability, go to the EcoPoxy website.

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