Controversial YouTuber and Internet celebrity Mary-Belle “Belle Delphine” Kirschner recently opened the experience of making her first adult video.

The South African-born British YouTuber recently appeared on Philip DeFranco’s popular podcast, “A Conversation With,” revealing honest details about her first adult video.

As early as December 2020, Belle Delphine took the internet by storm when she announced her foray into the adult entertainment industry with a surprising Christmas video.

Since then, she’s been on the trending Twitter page frequently, and her exploits in the adult entertainment industry have received significant attention online.

Belle Delphine addresses online hatred directed against her first adult video

In a teaser excerpt from her upcoming interview on the Philip DeFranco podcast, Belle Delphine opened the reception for her first adult video.

She talked about the complexities of the profession and how people’s unreal expectations of celebrities often affect consumer satisfaction:

“If you’re not good, people will just slam you and hate you. When you’re that high, people will expect you to be the best and people will expect me to be a star. The thing is that I am.” no ap am. ” * star! P * rn is very difficult to shoot because you are very aware that there are cameras in the room. “

She went on to say that she wasn’t sure what exactly people were expecting of her as she addressed the criticism that was coming and posted her video online:

“I trended on Twitter because I posted a teaser video of myself and I trended because I gave my head so badly. Everyone tweeted me and it’s like,” I lost! “

The 21-year-old has made headlines lately thanks to explicit content that has been making the rounds since announcing her foray into the adult entertainment industry.

Belle Delphine is perhaps best known for promoting the GamerGirl “Bath Water” trend, which reportedly sold out within three days of its launch.

With a fairly colorful history of past eccentricities, the internet sensation is often exposed to various memes and sardonic jibes by the online community.

After making a living producing nervous content, she was recently criticized for a graphic photoshoot in which she played a role as a kidnap victim.

Despite a number of controversies, she remains one of the wealthiest YouTubers today. She reportedly makes a whopping $ 1.2 million a month thanks to her recent explicit act that hit the headlines.

Published 10 Feb 2021, 21:00 CET