Wayne Ford @ WayneFo12126079

Barrow County Sheriff’s investigators arrested a 16-year-old Winder youth in connection with the murder of a teenage girl in Winder Thursday afternoon.

“He will be charged as an adult,” said Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith late Friday afternoon.

The victim’s name and age are withheld. Investigators are still waiting for the autopsy results to determine the cause of death, but she was stabbed, Smith said.

At 1:36 p.m., MPs were sent to a house in Russell Village Mobile Home Park on the 400 block on East Midland Avenue, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

“While MPs received advice en route, the call may have been related to a murder at this residence,” the press release said.

MPs found the dead girl in a bedroom, officials said.

The suspect left on foot just before the MPs arrived, but Smith said MPs found the suspect behind a grocery store in a wooded area in a northern part of Winder about an hour later.

The suspect surrendered without incident, according to Smith.

“As soon as we took him into custody, we read him his rights and he said nothing. We took him to the office to question him and he said, “I want to keep a lawyer,” and we stopped questioning him, “said Smith.

The suspect is being held in a regional juvenile detention center.

“He’s supposed to be 17 by next month and when he turns 17 he will be returned to the Barrow County Detention Center where he will be held as an adult,” the sheriff said. “We don’t currently know the motive.”