It was a beautiful night, as clear as a bell without clouds, without haze, without fog. A perfect night to deliver presents. Because of this, Santa Claus decided to leave Rudolph the house. Tonight he doesn’t need his glowing nose anymore. Rudolph had just got over a cold and could use the rest.

Santa Claus started and everything went wonderfully. In an instant he had delivered all of Canada and was ready for the good old USA. But something was wrong. Santa suddenly noticed that there were no lights on the ground. Yes, it seemed like the whole country, at least the 48 related states, had suffered a power outage. No lights anywhere. Total darkness and a darkness that amazed the mind. Although the stars shone brightly and Santa could see him fly through the sky, no starlight seemed to penetrate the ground. What could have caused this and why?

Santa Claus thought about it and suddenly he knew. His wicked cousin Atnas had escaped from the dungeon he had been locked in since he turned angry. You see, the original plan was to give two gift givers. But Atnas had become greedy and didn’t want to reveal anything and then got angry and wanted to take away everything that someone had from them. Atnas loved the dark as much as Santa loved the light. He had the United States under his spell and made everything dark. He didn’t want Santa Claus to be able to deliver toys to boys and girls. He wanted them all to be sad on Christmas Day.

If Rudolph had been there, Santa could still have seen him deliver the presents, but what could they do without him? He had the only flashlight he used when it was a dark country lane, but that would be almost useless in the piercing darkness of tonight. He quickly turned his sleigh back to Canada and lay down in a lonely field. He gathered his reindeer around him and said, “We have to brainstorm, boys and girls. We have to deliver these gifts.”

Well, the reindeer was trying to find answers. “I could take the flashlight and tie it to my head and drive the sled,” said Dasher. The comet thought everyone should just stand in a horizontal line and crash through the darkness. Cupid thought they should go back and get Rudolph. Yes, they would have a hard time doing the route before daylight, but what more could they really do? Vixon agreed with her. Dancer thought this was a ridiculous idea. Finally, Santa said, “The fact that everyone can fly (I didn’t know Santa was from the south, right?) Is a miracle in itself. I suggest we just go ahead and deliver these gifts. “Easy for him to say,” said Donner, “he doesn’t have to drive the sledge.”

So they made their way back to the USA. If anything, the darkness seemed even darker. But the sledge went down to what Dasher hoped was the first house across the border. He suddenly realized that he could see even though the darkness was only around him. He quickly asked the other reindeer and they could see it too. But Santa could not see anything. He was still blind as a bat in the deep darkness.

With a little help from his friends, Santa was able to carry out all of his deliveries in the US and quickly go to the rest of the world. Christmas was saved except for one thing. In the dark, the children couldn’t see them playing with their new toys. Mothers and grandmothers could not see to fix dinner, relatives could not see to go to visit. Santa knew he had to go back and take back his wicked cousin.

Since Rudolph was well rested, he decided to take his little horse, a reindeer, a sleigh and go back to look for Atnas. He figured New York City would be the most likely place to look. He was dressed in casual clothes. No red suit for this outing. He and Rudolph ended up on the outskirts of town. Then Santa realized the folly of his plan. Rudolph’s nose. While it would allow him to see in the dark, it would also reveal his identity. Well too late.

He and Rudolph walked slowly through the city. Because of the darkness there was no one on the streets But Santa Claus felt an uncomfortable presence. He knew his bad cousin must be around. Of course, Atnas with the big red nose would also notice Rudolph’s presence and know that Santa would be right there too.

Santa Claus told Rudolph to stay where he was while he, Santa Claus, walked through the darkness alone. As the uncomfortable feeling got stronger, he felt Atnas coming closer. Santa Claus stopped and waited. Then he heard a familiar sound. His Christmas Eve sleigh had just landed next to him. This included sleigh evenings. They came with boards, ropes and other items that could be used as weapons, as there are of course no weapons at the North Pole. Atnas went straight to Santa Claus and said, “You’re done.” The elves jumped out of the darkness and grabbed him. They tied him up with the ropes they had brought and quickly took him back to the dungeon. The lights came on and the terrible darkness was no more.